Store Spotlight : Man Cave


I've always found myself pretty torn between different fashion aesthetics, but one that has been a constant interest of mine for as long as I can remember is vintage Americana. The most attractive part of this style for me, and I assume most others, isn't necessarily the look of the garments and accessories created, but rather the emphasis on quality manufacturing and details that seems to be prevalent in these brands.

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Korean male fashion definitely takes small cues from this style, such as seemingly every guy in Seoul wearing Thorogood Moc Toe boots this past winter, but a lot of the more premium American and Japanese brands in this vein are not that easy to find in Seoul.


In my searches I stumbled across Man Cave, and it is easily one of the best shopping experiences I've had during my time in Seoul, so much so that I felt the need to share it here! Man Cave is a rad little space located about a 5 minute walk from Cheongdam Station (Line 7) in the Gangnam area of Seoul. Though the owner Kim Hyun-Sung informed me they have been in business online for 10 years ( ) their brick & mortar location has been open for only a few months.


Man Cave boasts some of the best brands in Americana inspired clothing and accessories, perhaps with the stores strongest points being its large collection of unique bags for various purposes. Notable brands that might be hard to find elsewhere in Seoul are 3Sixteen and Filson, both premium quality American brands.


The store itself is small but well designed, and had a very peaceful atmosphere in part due to most of the store being lit by natural light. It's quite possible that I have not had a better customer service experience in Seoul, the staff are very welcoming and friendly, and even offer shoppers coffee while they browse. I can honestly say I felt so relaxed that part of me didn't want to leave.


I imagine between the customer service, coffee, and comfortable atmosphere that customers overstaying their welcome is a common problem for Man Cave. If you are into Americana inspired clothing and accessories, or just in the area and want to see something a little different than anything else you're likely to find in Seoul, I definitely suggest stopping by Man Cave!



See for details, directions, and the online store!